Mindblowingly Soft White Bread

A simple, oh-so-soft white bread with the perfect taste, texture and aroma for any occasion.

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Brilliantly Baked Brown Bread

High-fiber bread with a golden-brown color and deep, wholesome flavor in every bite.

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Supercharged Four Seeded Bread

Relish the fresh baked aromas from this delicious-tasting bread loaded with seeds for the perfect crunch

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Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Subtly sweet raisin bread with warm aromas of sugar and spice. Perfect for breakfast, delicious all day.

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Good Lookin' Gluten Free

Help yourself to gluten free bread made the delicious way.

What Makes
Us Genius?

Genius isn’t just gluten free. It’s bread that tastes like bread, made with hearty ingredients for rich flavor and texture that’s just right. The result is a golden-crusted, fresh-smelling, mind-bogglingly delicious loaf of gluten free goodness.


Fresh-tasting and delicious. Find Genius in the bakery aisle, not the freezer.


Soft enough for sandwiches, sturdy enough for toppings.


Smells like bread should – warm and homey, just like mom’s kitchen.

Meet Lucinda

With Genius, there's no sacrifice. I wanted to create something that was natural, fresh and that tasted great. It's about giving people a chance to enjoy food with friends and family.

When Lucinda’s son was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, she poured her heart into creating a tastier, softer, better gluten free bread. Two broken ovens later, her solo kitchen quest for the perfect loaf had evolved into a mission to help everyone enjoy their favorite sandwiches and morning toasts. Enjoy the food you love – that’s what Genius is all about.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. In baking, gluten is the binder that gives dough its shape and elasticity. Cooking without gluten takes creativity and determination, which is why we’re proud to be gluten free.

Our Purpose

We created Genius so everyone could share and enjoy wholesome, delicious food. We’re passionate about baking irresistibly tasty bread using hand-selected gluten free ingredients.

Fruity French Cinnamon Toast
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Turkey, Cheese, & Red Onion Sandwich
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Pork Escalope with Lemon, Garlic & Rosemary
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